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Fight for America!
It is time the American Dream actually applied to American Family’s. Bring back the American Dream to those who have families that fought for our nation that worked and built America, for the many families that have a history of dedication to America! I have worked aircraft, martial arts and professional programs across America. I have worked with you or someone you probably know. I call on all veterans, martial artist, motor cyclist, computer programmers, engineers, aviation professional, animal activist, bicyclist, youth program activist and all that I have worked with, to help us take back our government and the direction of America. America’s Government has been hacked, a Real Security Breach, it is time to Secure our Government. Please join the Campaign.


The industries have departed, quality jobs declined, increase of subsidized wages, increase of subsidized health care and increase in drugs and crime. This is the result of a Security Breach in our Government.


We have seen the Cyber attacks, shootings and Breaches in our security. I have fought for America in Military Programs my adult life. Army Black hawk, Navy SAR AW, Air force JSTAR and Marine Corp Osprey, my first priority is Security, in addition I am an NRA and Martial Arts Instructor, with my Master's focused on CIS Cyber Security. Let's Protect America First!


Elected representation that jump to the next higher campaign, don’t do their job and deceive the American people. It is not a coincidence that TWO Communist Russian backed refugee sons, junior Senators, both rise beyond normal rates and jump to run for President. We need to reduce the size of congress by 20%, establish Term Limits and require a Security Clearance for all serving our National Government. Stop the Flow of Money in Politics, Stop the Selling of America!

I Serve America!

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I love America! It is not too late for change in our Government.

If you’re a patriot, let's fight for our country together.

Dan McQueen

The success of America is determine by the Success of our citizens. Having grown up in poverty, I learned the Value of work and a Dollar. My first three jobs were as a Newspaper delivery boy in Jefferson City, Derby Gas Station attendant on the corner of Main and Dix, and a Compounder at Chesebrough-Ponds factory. I have a strong work ethic and focus on Business. I have supported America through Military Programs most my career, keeping America safe.

During my military service I have supported all branches. Navy SAR AW, Rescue Swimmer and Flight Crew. Conducted operations during Desert Shield & Desert Storm. Flight certification of the Air Force JSTAR. Flight test engineer for the Army Black Hawk. Flight test program for the Marine Corps V-22 Osprey. Joint rescue operations and drug interdiction with the Coast Guard. My focus is a Strong America.

So ultimately we need to focus on High Paying Quality Jobs and Industry Growth, Qualified Leadership and for the People Government, Security from Terrorist - Drugs - Illegals. I intend on focusing all my education, experience and energy on the success of America!


Dan McQueen, CEO & Chief Engineer, AEROTDE, LLP, Candidate for U.S. Senate. He has forty years in the aircraft industry and has been involved in the certification of many aircraft models. He holds his Master's of Science Degree from Boston University in Computer Information Systems & Program Management, Bachelor's of Science, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, and an equivalent in Electrical Engineering from military training programs. He is a highly decorated Navy Veteran and has served the United States of America all his life. God Bless America! Strengthen America and the American People!

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